Minerva Silicon Valley is proud to collaborate with outstanding professionals and innovative organizations.

Strategic Allies

Minerva Silicon Valley collaborates with these talented colleagues.

Kimberly Wiefling, Founder Wiefling Consulting

Kimberly Wiefling helps organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? By turning managers into leaders and groups of people into real teams through her unique "Workshocks"  – highly engaging, experiential, interactive "Learning Laboratories" where real change happens, leading to meaningful and measurable business results. She is passionate about making a meaningful difference by working with organizations, individuals and teams committed to solving the problems of Our World – profitably and thus sustainably. She is on the founding team of the Silicon Valley World Resources SimCenter Project.


Nathalie Udo, Founder and President, InDepth Strategies

Nathalie Udo has built a proven record of accomplishments with her ability to deliver. She loves inspiring people to achieve what they previously thought was impossible, and has been told that her enthusiasm is infectious. She has helped her clients realize their business objectives by using the right amount of personal coaching with project management discipline and process improvement. Nathalie has lead complex international projects for corporations like the Baan Company, Boeing Corporation, Fireman's Fund, Autodesk, and Kaiser Permanente. She is a seasoned professional with extensive coaching, project management, cross cultural communication and leadership skills. She takes strong ownership and accountability for deliverables and drives positive results. Having worked across many industries, continents and countries she understand the impact and importance of different cultural values and backgrounds. 


Dr. Rod King

Dr. Rod King is a Consultant and Coach on Universal Problem Solving & Project Management (UPSPM). Dr. King’s vision is to provide a visual platform of tools that are used to rapidly solve tame and wicked problems in business. Dr. King helps entrepreneurs, startups, and established organizations to rapidly achieve their highest goals while implementing their strategy using the most effective tools for business model project management. In particular, Dr. King helps people and organizations to rapidly prepare and manage plans for improving and innovating on their business models.

Dr. King is the inventor of over 50 visual tools for business model improvement and innovation. These tools are applied using the common language of the Business Periodic Table (BPT) and the platform of Kanban Innovation Dashboard (KID). Dr. King is the holder of a US and International Patent Pending for the Fractal Grid Technology that powers a visual search engine.

Originally trained as an undergraduate Civil Engineer, Dr. King holds a Master’s degree in Infrastructure Planning and a PhD in Regional Development Strategy, each of which he obtained at the University of Stuttgart, West Germany.



Kraemer Winslow, President & CEO,

Make Your Point Communications is your gateway to a team of talented and expert communicators who give you the most up-to-date, thorough and relevant training possible. Make your point with style and substance.  Meet the challenge of any audience and excel in any situation with our expert communications programs. MYP gives you the tools, templates and feedback you need to maximize enthusiasm, get agreement and achieve your goals.   MYP provides tailored programs and creates custom trainings to increase presentation, media and listening skills and meet special communications needs. MYP is the premier communications training company, in business for more than 25 years with many happy clients worldwide.  Kraemer works internationally as a trainer, coach, facilitator and trusted advisor.  She has built a personal reputation among the world’s leading companies for superior service and hard-to-find skills.  Leaders in every industry, as well as small business owners and individuals, rely on Kraemer and her team to help them achieve their goals.  Kraemer holds an M.A. in Human Development and Behavioral Psychology from the University of Kansas.