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Storms, Floods, Fires, and Rising Sea Levels

The recent storms and floods in the Midwest, fires in the west, and the prospect of Sea Level Rise in the Bay Area present opportunities to plan for and invest in rebuilding that is regenerative and resilient.

World Economic Forum: Forest Protection

Among many affiliated sessions, Marianna heard Jane Goodall speak on behalf of forest protection in partnership with local, indigenous communities, and announce the Jane Goodall Legacy Fund, with a US$1 million founding gift from Docusign and Docusign's CEO, Dan Springer.

UN COP 24 meeting site, Katowice, Poland

Karl Van Orsdol attended the UN COP 24 in Poland in December, where he presented research on the impact of climate change on indigenous communities, especially the Nama people of South Africa.

Fourth National Climate Assessment

The US government released the 4th National Climate Assessment on the day after Thanksgiving. The scientists, economists and others who prepared this extensive report provide a range of scenarios and likely impacts by region. They also recommend responses for mitigation (lowing GHG emissions) and adaptation (preparing for and coping with impacts such as increased heat, drought, severe storms, health impacts and rising sea levels.