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Mission: Restore the Earth

Humans must transform how we related to the earth and to one another so that we repair and restore the life support systems of the planet. We are but a thread in the web of life and simply tweaking our behavior to be "less bad" or to gradually reduce carbon emissions will not suffice. We need to take bold actions for restoration, based on an understanding of complex systems. We need to cherish and nurture the Earth systems and resources and not exploit them.

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Report from COP 23: Time to Throw Out Limitations of the Past

"...I attended the COP 23 meetings as an official observer over their two-week period.  It was my first COP attendance, and it was extraordinary, enlightening and simultaneously, quite sobering.  While the conference was held in Germany, the official host of the meeting was Fiji...."

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Unaccounted for Risk: How Climate Change Affects Your Bottom Line and What to Do About It

Sound business practice and fiduciary responsibility require that risks to a business are estimated and taken into account either through insurance or through measures to prevent or reduce losses. …The consequences of climate change … lead to new types of risk that many businesses have not yet taken into account....

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