Sustainability 2.0

Minerva and FigBytes just collaborated on a webinar about Sustainability 2.0. I was surprised to be reminded how inspiring systemic change can be. We delved into the transformative possibilities for sustainability and climate action and considered tools for setting ambitious visions and navigating to those goals.

The FigBytes platform helps cities (and other govt. agencies) and companies integrate traditional sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their strategic plans and operations. If we use those Global Goals as a shared roadmap for the systemic change that we need to drive, I felt today, that humanity has a chance to reverse the terrible harm we have done (and continue to do) to the atmosphere, the oceans and indeed all of the ecosystems of the planet.

Our goal as humans and as companies should not be to simply maximize financial returns. Every day when I get up, I ask myself how can my life and my work contribute to making a better world and a more resilient future? As companies serve their customers, and create jobs and bring value to their industries and to the communities in which they operate, are they asking themselves how the world will be better because of their products, services and contributions? For long-term success as a species, we need to be net contributors, not parasites or pirates robbing the future for our ephemeral enjoyment today.

How do we shift our attitudes to the global commons to see them not as resources to exploit, but as living systems to steward and to share? How does each collection of human beings, whether organized as a for-profit company or a family, community or country, work together to create a better future for all?

UN Sustainable Development Goals, Stockholm Resilience Centre

UN Sustainable Development Goals, Stockholm Resilience Centre

What tools do we need to declare our visions, map our strategies and monitor our progress? How can we hold ourselves and others accountable for making real progress towards these visions and goals? We are glad that Minerva has partnered with FigBytes, as this is an effective platform for translating bold visions to meaningful action and results, supporting learning and improvement along the way.

Let me know if you would like to meet with Colin Grant, CEO of Figbytes when he is here for Sustainatopia in San Francisco during the week of May 7-12. Minerva looks forward to supporting you in your journey to a more resilient future.