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Johnson Creek Restored

The City of Portland, Oregon restored Johnson Creek in Westmoreland Park. Now salmon and beaver have returned. A great example of building local resilience in an urban setting.

Effects of Climate Change

This summer, Karl Van Orsdol went to Kuboes, South Africa to research the effects of climate change in a traditional community. Four young people in the community formed a team with five South African Students from the University of the Western Cape who are studying climate issues. They had deep conversations with many in the community.

Realtime Report from Kuboes

This is the town of Kuboes in the heart of the Northern Karoo Desert in South Africa where Minerva's Karl Van Orsdol is reporting in real time that good progress being made with their rain water collection project. Here is his blog on Minerva website.

How is Climate Change Affecting You?

While you might not have lost your home to floods or fires, there are likely risks that will affect your professional and personal domains of responsibility. Often the solutions for building resilience require collaboration with people or entities beyond your normal boundaries.
Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health by Jay Lemery M.D. and Paul Auerbach, M.D. This ground-breaking book explores how climate change is affecting all dimensions of health and health care.