Mission: Restore the Earth

Humans must transform how we related to the earth and to one another so that we repair and restore the life support systems of the planet. We are but a thread in the web of life and simply tweaking our behavior to be "less bad" or to gradually reduce carbon emissions will not suffice. We need to take bold actions for restoration, based on an understanding of complex systems. We need to cherish and nurture the Earth systems and resources and not exploit them.

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Two New Films Discuss Nuclear Energy, is it a Viable Option for Clean Energy?

Two new films make the case for nuclear energy solutions for climate change.  Read about the new films “The New Fire” and “Pandora’s Promise” and join the debate on nuclear energy. Is it necessary for a renewable energy future, or are the hazards too great? Many climate activists are taking a second look.

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Is It an Emergency Yet?

2017 was the third warmest year on record. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, the nation's weather and climate agency, announced that economic losses from 16 weather-climate disasters exceeded $1 billion and totaled $306 billion, a new record.

When do we decide that we are in the throes of a planetary emergency? There is no one in charge of fixing the systems we have broken. Undermining the stability of the climate systems leads to the disruption of weather, water, agriculture and social stability. When people are facing uncertainty and suffering they may turn to tyrants who promise certainty and the reassurance of simplistic solutions.

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Marianna GrossmanComment
Report from COP 23: Time to Throw Out Limitations of the Past

"...I attended the COP 23 meetings as an official observer over their two-week period.  It was my first COP attendance, and it was extraordinary, enlightening and simultaneously, quite sobering.  While the conference was held in Germany, the official host of the meeting was Fiji...."

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